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 - It is all about You and a positive experience
 - Client confidence and trust and a collaborative approach
 - Project appropriate and attention to detail
 - Clear communication of time and monetary budget


"Most people hire an Interior Designer to create a drop dead environment without getting killed in the process. Designers can complete a project on budget."

Our charges are reasonable. Years of experience have proven that you get what you pay for. There are various ways to get where you are going, and your budget will qualify your options.
- Hourly and Per-Diem (designer for the day) - The designer is paid for all of their time. This may include, but not limited to, consultation, conceptual design, space planning, drawings, budget, shopping, and travel.
- Fee for conceptual designs, color and material presentation, which is then combined with a retained percentage on purchased merchandise.
- Flat fee requires a thorough and detailed understanding of the services to be rendered and specific areas involved; the written contract should state that no additional services are to be added.
- Fee based on square footage is issued for space planning.
- Competitive Retail to purchase at a lesser or comparable price to retail.

We recommend that you schedule an interview and portfolio review with us at Tillery Designs, so we answer your questions e-mail:  tillerydesigns@yahoo.com

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1) What the client needs to do before meeting with an interior designer?

Have as much information researched as possible. Purchase home furnishings magazines and cut out and keep an idea file for every room.
Collect ideas for an overall interior look you appreciate, a piece of furniture, and window treatments.
A picture is worth a thousand words. The more you research, the more confident you will be about what you want and don’t want.
Have an idea of your budget so the designer can tell you if it is a reasonable budget for the project.
Be flexible and open-minded about options and ideas.

2) What is the difference between a decorator and an interior designer?

An interior decorator can be someone with a flair for putting things together to make an interior lovely and inviting.

An interior designer is schooled in interior design, knowledgeable in building construction, furniture design, fabric construction, space planning, lighting, color, scale, and proportion.
Designers act as interpreter and psychologist for the client formulating goals. Designers understand the psychology of design, how it works and who to consult make it all possible.

"The team approach to business is what makes an interior designer successful."

3) What can an Interior Designer do for you?

"The expertise of a professional interior designer extends far beyond aesthetics. In addition to space planning, lighting design, color coordination, and selection of materials, furnishings, fixtures and finishes, interior designers have knowledge of interior construction, fire and building codes, as well as, safety, energy, and environmental issues." (Charles Daly, ASID)

4) How do I hire an Interior Designer?

"Take the time to interview several interior designers before making a final decision. When you meet with the designers, they will explain the design process, how they work and how they charge for their services. They will also interview you about your needs. It is important that both parties feel comfortable with the working relationship. As with any professional service, a clearly written contract is essential.” (Charles DALY, ASID)

Have fun during the design process, it’s one of lasting value and investment in time and money. Communicate honestly and openly all your need and concerns.

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